Grand Service at Legacy at Grande’Vie

Thank you for providing and serving the treats for Dad’s Open House for his family. It was all delicious! Your hospitality is so much appreciated. Dad could welcome our cousins to his new home in a special way. They were all impressed with Grande’Vie. Thanks for making it a memorable day for all. Dad said he had a ‘delightful afternoon.'”

This is just one of the many compliments we receive at the Legacy at Grande’Vie in terms of our culinary crew. Our staff works diligently around the clock to give residents and their family members the culinary experience they so greatly deserve. In between three fresh meals a day, they go out of their way to make sure our residents are eating healthy, delicious food that will appeal to all taste buds. Pleasing a crowd of people is difficult but our culinary staff and chefs have it down to a science.

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