An Option for Every Appetite

Delicious, fresh, well-prepared food is one of the joys of life, especially when enjoyed in the company of friends and neighbors. Our menus feature all the classic favorites and there’s always something new to try, including our signature, innovative Thrive Dining™. If you prefer a specialty diet, such as low sodium, low carb, or have other preferences, we offer choices that will make you (and your doctor) smile. Give us a call for a complimentary lunch and let Chef Fred Gilliham wow you with his talent and attention to detail.

Available in Assisted Living, Enhanced Assisted Living and Memory Care:

  • Thrive Dining
  • No Added Salt
  • Limited Carbohydrates
  • Mechanical Soft
  • Honey-thickened
  • Nectar-thickened
  • Ground Meats
  • Pureed